At CrossFit Devizes, we design and work around high intensity strength & conditioning programming to maximise results in all areas of fitness. Every service is designed to cater for all abilities and fitness levels.
Come and take a step out of your comfort zone, you never know, you may enjoy it!

CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)

This class is designed around a high intensity strength & conditioning program. You will perform a consistent variety of stretching, skill practice, technique, strength and conditioning circuits. Each “WOD” class will be different to keep your body guessing and, more importantly, your mind interested! All workouts can be scaled accordingly to your individual fitness level.

Weightlifting Class

Our Strength & Technique classes take a step back from the high intensity, and follow a cycle of all the weightlifting disciplines. A great setting for beginners looking to learn the basics of the lifting and experienced lifters, looking to prep for a competition or the “WOD” classes alike.

Endurance WOD

An all over body conditioning circuit using functional fitness movements. Helps to build your all-round fitness from cardiovascular to muscle endurance.
Designed to push all abilities – never too hard or too easy!

Team WOD

You don’t have to play sports, to be part of a team here. A fun way to work through the workout and encourage each other all the way to the end.

Women’s WOD

A women’s only class, designed specifically for women and coached by one of our female coaches.

Express WOD

A short sharp fast CrossFit workout.

In – Demo – Set Up – Workout – Pack Away – Out – All within 45 minutes.

Perfect for a quick morning session before getting to work!

CrossFit Fundamentals

The starting point for anyone new to CrossFit or for existing members wanting to work on specific skills in more depth. The class will run on a cycle of the same movements to allow all areas to be covered in order.

Personal Training

Here at Bentley’s, our passionate and friendly coaches can help you reach your maximum potential, as quick as possible. Personal Training is the fastest way to achieve your specific goals, whether that be, weightlifting, strength, fat loss or general improved fitness and wellbeing.

Various pricing and packages available. Drop us a message for more info.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage should play a vital part in any athlete’s routine. Benefits include, injury prevention. DOMS prevention, stress/pain reduction, improved muscle elasticity and improved mobility. It helps to maintain the body and keep you training at your full potential.

Drop us a message for pricing and availability.