Meet the team

Adam Bentley
Head Coach

Adam founded CrossFit Devizes, in 2016, upon departure from his service as a Royal Marines Commando. His dream was to open a fitness facility, driven by the community and members. His sole purpose is to change people’s lives for the better!

Lauren Fulford
Assistant Head Coach

Meet Lauren. Her journey started early on, when she walked through the doors like a rabbit in the headlights!
She took to the fitness culture and community here in a heartbeat and is a prime example of what a bit of hard work and consistency can get you.
She loved it so much, she decided to make it her career!

Becky Punter

Meet coach Becky.

Having gone through her own challenging transformation after having children, Becky has first hand experience in what it takes to change. After years of hard training day in day out, Becky decided to make it a career and help others in the positive way that has changed her life around.

Becky Brewer

Meet Becky a.k.a “The Gym Mum”!

She came to us in the early days of opening, barely able to keep up with the simplest of tasks in our fitness classes. After 2 years of gruelling effort and unbreakable commitment, she joined the team. Becky is a walking success story and a true example of where hard work and consistency can get you!
Being the super friendly person she is, she never fails to make people feel welcome here.

Harriett Bentley

Our “Pocket Rocket” Harriett, is a valuable addition to the coaching team here. Her welcoming and friendly demeanour will quickly put any new person at ease. You will often find her sweating it out alongside the members, when she isn’t coaching!