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B-Fit Online Coaching is focused on providing innovative, personalized coaching to help people improve the quality of their diet and achieve their fitness goals.


Through the medium of online coaching, I will work with you to create a program that takes into account your individual goals, limitations, preferences, and training environment.

One-to-one coaching is my passion and I pride myself on being dedicated to my clients’ success. All I require from my clients is to give back the same level of dedication to the plan that I design for you!

Am I just buying an e-book?
I don’t believe that one size fits all in life, especially when it comes to specific fitness and nutrition goals. Every single person is unique, so finding the right path for you is important to me. 

Will this restrict my lifestyle?
My main aim is to find a program that fits into your life! Why? Because this will be the most likely path to SUSTAINABLE success! If I force you to work around my plan, then you will resent it very quickly and not succeed. 

What type of training will I be doing?
I create programmes individual to the person. When it comes to workouts, some of my clients like to lift weights, some prefer sweaty bodyweight circuits, and others are training for a marathon. I will design it to suit your needs and goals.

With my previous military service in the prestigious Royal Marines, then competing in CrossFit, and now owning my own Strength & Conditioning gym, I pride myself in having a MASSIVE and EXPIRIENCED well of knowledge in different avenues of training. 

Will I get a meal plan?
First things first when it comes to nutrition, I DO NOT sell meal plans. Meal plans are pre-written plans, based on an average person with one specific goal. Do you think a stage bodybuilder would eat the same as an endurance runner athlete? NO! 

Nutritional needs are based on sex, age, height, weight, body fat percentage, goals, job, workout activities…. and the list goes on. A plan for one will not work for another.

You will employ me as your “Nutritional Coach”, which means I will guide you accordingly depending on your goals. My clients can constantly quiz me on food choices. I will constantly adapt the way you eat if you aren’t looking or performing how you want to. I will teach you how to start tracking your nutrition and make it fit into your lifestyle. I will give you daily macros to follow and suggested meals to hit those, but if you’re out for lunch with a friend and you find a different meal to hit the same macros, then all good!

Nutrition can be very restrictive, and yes (I won’t lie) if your goal is to be 5% body fat, then expect to live your life around what you CAN’T eat. But for most people, a FLEXIBLE but HEALTHY approach to nutrition often brings great results without too much impact. 


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Our Bespoke Online Coaching Service Starts at just £149 per month!

Why not sign up for a free account and complete the application forms. Then, if successful, book in a free call directly with Adam to see how he can help you to reach your goals!