Client Online Upgrade

To upgrade and work with Adam and his team both online and in the gym just choose from the options below:

Bronze Upgrade
  • Accessory Program
    (Following alongside the class programming, designed to be done in the gym, before or after classes. A great one to give you that little edge and be more prepared for the classes!)
  • Exclusive coaching videos, PDF’s and documents.
  • Full workout tracking, progress charts, progress picture library and food diary tracker.

Silver Upgrade

All of BRONZE plus:

  • 12 Week Functional Bodybuilding Program
    (designed to even out any weaknesses or imbalances in your class movements)
  • Premium Home Workout Programmes
    (consisting of 4 phases, increasing in difficulty)

Gold Upgrade

All of SILVER plus:

  • The “Superhero Maker” Program!
    (To truly transform into your very own hero. STRENGTH-POWER-SPEED!)
  • Strength Squat Program
    (Specifically designed to increase your 1 rep max. Front or Back)
  • 3 Day Full Body Split Routine
    (A program designed for a full body workout, but only getting in the gym 3 x per week)